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How to Choose Your Perfect Hiking Boots

How to Choose Your Perfect Hiking Boots


A long and happy relationship with your hiking boots begins by taking a long look at your options.   Talk to our FIT EXPERTS and you'll realize that the stars don't magically align to bring your dream boot to your door.  Compatibility happens when your foot meets its match.  And who better to make that connection than the seasoned pros at Danform Shoes?

The Danform Team's first step is always to look, listen and assess.  Our fit gurus love to analyze.  By watching you walk and taking your foot shape into account, Danform experts can narrow down your eligible choices.  You'll find an eager listener asking questions to learn what you want out of your hiking boots.  

Are you the sunny day hiker looking for that "I feel like I've always known you" boot?  Maybe there's history?  Perhaps some ankle rolling trauma we need to unpack?  Maybe you rushed into your last hikers and came away blistered and bleary.  There's no story we haven't heard.



At the core of compatibility are three burning questions: 

  • Instant Comfort vs Stiffer Performance Construction 
  • Low vs Mid Height and
  • Waterproof vs Non-Waterproof Materials

At first sight, you'd ask, "Who wouldn't look for instant comfort?"  Some hiking boots are designed with a flexible sole, roomy toe box and forgiving materials that let you walk out of Danform Shoes and up Camel's Hump an hour later.  Hiking boots like the Oboz Sawtooth are best sellers because of their out of the box comfort and solid construction.  So who doesn't want that instant gratification?  That's our hard-core, rugged trailblazing, backpacking type looking for a stiffer outsole like the Oboz Tamarack or Oboz Bridger to match up to more rugged trails.

A boot's Height is the next factor.  While some of this involves personal preference, there are considerations.  A lower boot conforms to your foot more quickly , but a mid-height boot provides more ankle protection and taller barrier if you like to cross streams or tackle terrain less traveled.

Waterproof is another feature that can be confusing.  Our fit experts can explain that waterproof boots sound magical  but can come with some baggage.  Boots that repel moisture can be less breathable making for a sweaty foot.  If you are hiking mainly under summery, dry skies, a vented, water resistant boot might be a smarter choice.   Not to mention, if you're a heavy foot sweater - no judgement zone! - a waterproof boot might not be your best bet.

Take the time to "sit and fit" with our friendly fit experts ~ we have a complete selection of hiking boots for men, women and kids of all ages.

CHECK BACK  as we update our hiking blog to share more information about how your foot structure influences your choice of boot and give you the inside scoop on our favorite brands: Oboz, Keen and Merrell!


If you're lucky, fate has already brought the perfect pair of hiking boots to you.  If not, visit Danform Shoes. Your dream boot awaits.


Now, head outside and make it a great day!



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