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Free Shipping Over $75!
Free Shipping Over $75!

Price Match Guarantee

Danform's Price Match Guarantee!

Pricing can be a confusing topic.  

Most shoe manufacturers set a minimum advertised price (MAP) that controls the prices you see in our stores.   This makes competition fair and can be good for small businesses because big boxes like Amazon can't undersell and lure customers away from shopping locally to save money. Our goal is to always offer the best service at the best price. If you find our products on sale at a lower price, please reach out to us!

If you'd like a price match, please provide:

  • a link to the website that is selling the same product.  The style/color/size must match our item.
  • shipping fees are calculated into the price if applicable
  • we do not match third party sites like ebay, Craig's list or membership websites or third party sellers on Amazon.
  • price match must be requested prior to placing your order.

We will consider all price match requests but do reserve the right not to match a price if another website is in violation of vendor MAP policy or if our supply of an item is limited.

Why is Minimum Advertised Pricing Important?

Amazon has forced a lot of small local businesses to close because their platform doesn't monitor MAP pricing.  A behemoth like Amazon can afford to cut their profit margin in order to entice shoppers - what they lose in profit, they gain in volume of sales. When Amazon price cuts, other stores are ultimately forced out of business because they don't have the reserves to sell at the lower price and still pay their rent and payroll.  In the long run, Amazon will eliminate their competition, leaving small communities like ours without retail stores.  

Birkenstock has actually stopped selling directly to Amazon because they saw the harm this predatory business practice has on smaller shops who love to sell Birkenstock not just to make money, but because they believe in its health benefits and want to share that with their customers.

It takes a conscious consumer to find the time to shop locally versus Amazon's one-click convenience.  We get that!  Danform strives to ship all orders the same or next day so that we meet (and lately beat) Amazon's delivery time.  Not to mention that our storage space is safe and small.   In the age of COVID-19, your health and that of our staff is our priority.  Our stores are small enough that we can guarantee our staff follows all safety procedures and our shoes are always sanitized. 

When you purchase from Danform Shoes, you help to keep local shopping options in our community.  Stepping out with friends and family to shop is one of the little shared experiences that keep us connected.  It's a time away from screens that is good for us mentally. Plus, the benefits of healthy footwear that fits well sets you up for a pain-free, fun and active lifestyle.

It means a lot to us everytime you walk into our store or browse our website.  Shopping local and shopping small is part of the reason we love Vermont.  How can we make your shopping experience even better?  Let us know. We're listening!