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Waterproof vs Water Resistant?

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Footwear?

Wet Weather Season is Here!  So, What's the Difference between Boots that are Waterproof and Water Resistant anyway?

What Makes Boots Waterproof?

A waterproof layer inside a hiking shoe or winter boot, like Gore-tex or KeenDry,  allows moisture out but not in.  The latest technology makes most waterproof membranes breathable, but some people find this inner membrane makes their feet perspire. 


If you're doing some late season hiking on Mt Mansfield, you'll be happiest in waterproof hiking boots that will keep your feet nice and dry when you're crossing streams and rogue puddles.  Look for the trusty tags shown in the image below when shopping in our stores, or better yet, ask our FIT EXPERTS for guidance.

The features sections in our website listings will let you know if a model is waterproof or water resistant!  You can also use our filters to select one or the other when you are shopping online.

Gore-tex and Keen-Dry are two examples of waterproof membranes.

Seam Sealed Construction Adds More Protection from Moisture

Sometimes, like in the case of our very favorite Blundstone, the boot or shoe is also seam sealed.  Meaning, the sole of the boot is not just glued to the top, it is molded to the rest of the shoe.  This is awesome because it will not allow water to sneak in through that attachment.  Yay!



Water Resistant Footwear Keeps Feet Dry Most of the Time

Materials like leather and nylon are water repellent.  You can see the water beading and running off the shoe.  As long as you are not in standing water or lingering on Church Street in a post-storm puddle, it's unlikely that moisture will seep in.  What you give up in waterproof resistance, you gain in breathability. More breathable fabrics=less sweaty feet!


An Extra Layer of Protection

A waterproofing spray, can add a layer of water resistance to your shoes that will keep your feet dry and protect the materials (leather, suede, fur and fabric) from getting soggy and shortening the life span of your fave fall footwear.

Sofsole Waterproofer is super easy to apply to make your shoes, boots and even handbags more water resistant.

As always call or visit us anytime for more tips on your wet season solutions! 



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