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Free Shipping Over $75!

Birkenstock Fit Tips


For Cork bases:

Birkenstock recommends using Cork Sealer to extend the life of your shoes!

Birkenstock Cork Sealer


Narrow vs Regular? If you've ever wondered why some Birkenstock styles fit your feet better than others, that’s because many Birkenstock styles come in two widths: narrow, which fits an average to narrow foot, and regular, which fits an average to wide foot. Danform Shoes doesn’t stock each model in both widths, but will happily place a special order for you.

Classic Footbed or Soft Footbed? All Birkenstock footbeds are designed to deliver first-class orthopedic support. Some have a classic firmer footbed while others have an added layer of cushion for a softer feel underfoot. For many it is a matter of personal preference, however, a firm footbed can provide much-needed support for the long haul.  The Classic Footbed is best for anyone who has an issue with foot perspiration.

Birko Flor® and Birkibuc vs Leather?

Birko Flor® and Birkibuc are synthetic, easy-to-clean alternatives to leather.  Birko Flor® has a leather-like finish and Birkibuc has a suede-like finish.

Note:  Do Not Store in Extreme Heat 

Cork Footbeds and EVA soles can be damaged by excessive heat as in a closed car or prolonged direct sunlight.

Danform Fit Specialist Recommendations

  • In the ideal Birkenstock fit, the foot sits inside the cradle of the footbed without bumping against the front or hanging off the back.
  • Be sure to tighten the front strap to hold your foot in place. The back strap may be tighter or looser depending on your personal preference.
  • Take a few days to break in your new Birkenstocks before wearing them for a full day. Flexing the sole lightly to promote a slight bend will initiate the “break-in” process