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How Should Clogs Fit?

How Should Clogs Fit?

Let's talk clogs!  At Danform Shoes, clogs are one of our best selling shoe styles - no surprise since they fit our Vermont standard of being extremely comfortable AND healthy for your feet.  Plus, we love that click-clack sound when we walk.  

Danform carries a full line of men's clogs and women's clogs in all colors from basic black to paint splash abstract.  Our collection includes styles from classic Danskos to shearling Birkenstocks, and every option in between.

Danform Fit Experts Have Mastered the Art of Fitting Clogs

Because everyone's feet are different, the clog's fit will vary from person to person.

When you come to Danform Shoes to be fit for a pair of clogs, our experts will look for three fit factors:

  1. The heel should lift freely
  2. The instep (top of your foot) should fit snugly, but not too tight
  3. The toes should not meet the end of the clog.  No toe touching!

Clogs like Dansko are hand-stapled, so every pair fits a bit differently. Pretty amazing that in this era of automation, Dankso still stands by its authentic standards.  That's why it is important to stop in and try clogs on in-store with one of our fit experts.

Since clogs are hand-stapled, the variety can lead to snug or loose fitting clogs - and depending on the materials, some clogs will adapt to your foot more easily than others. The overall consensus is that clogs don't typically "stretch out." When you buy a pair, they should fit well.


If you have a high instep or a higher volume foot, it is important to sit with our fit experts and find the right pair. Clogs often fit too snugly on the high instep.

If you have low volume or narrow feet, clogs can feel floppy or unsteady. We recommend trying narrow styles, or seeing if we can find the magical pair that was stapled a bit tighter than the rest! That really is a thing.  Thicker socks can help too. 

Many customers go up in size, but it is important to focus on the feeling of the footbed and arch because that is what's supporting your feet! If you get a clog that doesn't match up with the contours of your feet, it'll likely feel off or simply too uncomfortable to wear! Sometimes people need wide options or to switch brands. 

Vermont's Largest Selection of Dansko Clogs

Danform Shoes has the widest collection of Dansko clogs in our great little state!  If you've never worn Dansko clogs before, they have a distinct feel to them. The shoe doesn't bend as you walk because the heel counter is fixed and doesn't move with you. As you step, you step out, giving the feeling of a backless shoe. If you need something more secure around your foot, clogs might not be for you, and that's ok. There are lots of feet out there and lots of shoes to explore at Danform Shoes. 

If You Haven't Heard About Klogs...

Klogs brand is another great clog option with a different look and feel than Dansko.  There are a variety of models, colors and heel heights.  KLOGS are soft and supportive, plus they have a replaceable footbed and a slip-resistant sole.  This brand might be more up your alley if you want a more flexible shoe or a slip-on style with lower profile options.


Clogs provide great comfort for many people. Their easy to wear design and supportive footbed make them a customer favorite for everyday wear and for workers who are on their feet for long days.  Medical workers, hospitality professionals and teachers are super fans of our clog collection. 

With hundreds of clog styles in house, Danform Shoes is the place to find just the color, style and model for you!  Stop in to get your shop-safe and personal "sit and fit" with our experts today.  The Danform Difference!

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