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Brand Spotlight: HOKA ONE ONE

Brand Spotlight: HOKA ONE ONE

HOKA ONE ONE makes cushion cool again.

 HOKA ONE ONE gets a lot of press for being a favorite shoe for marathon runners, but in our circles, it's also touted for being the best running shoe for proactive foot health and for athletes coping with injuries.  Hoka produces a wide range of models from soothing ORA recovery sandals to shock-absorbing, highly cushioned road shoes like the iconic HOKA ONE ONE Bondi, now in its 8th iteration. 

As younger runners are learning the benefits of proactive shoe selection, HOKA is seeing its devotees starting with the less cushioned side of their spectrum and gradually transition into highly cushioned models if they intensify their training or notice wear and tear on their joints.  It's truly a brand that speaks to a younger audience who enjoy the colorful HOKA persona as well as older athletes who want to know they're choosing protective footwear that will keep them active. Whatever your reasons for considering HOKA One One, the options are plentiful.

Our full collection of HOKA ONE ONE includes loungy wool slip-ons to high performance running shoes.  The link across all HOKA models?  A commitment to comfort that feels good and is good for you!  That's what we like here at Danform Shoes.

Hoka One One Bondi

The most cushioned shoe in the HOKA line, the Bondi is a savior to many.  While there may be a bit of an adjustment to the Bondi's feel, it's not long before our customers are devotees, never veering to another brand.  Able to absorb shock like no other, the Bondi will keep those aches and pains at bay, a critical factor whether you are at peak fitness, staying active at middle age or clocking long hours on a work shift.


Hoka One One Clifton

A little less cushioned than the Bondi, the Clifton's minions run the gamut of marathon trainers to customers healing from a bout of shin splints.  Soft and light, the Clifton's "walking on a cloud" feel keeps your feet fast whether you are on the road or on the clock at your local restaurant.  Versatility at its best!


Hoka One One Gaviota

hoka one one gaviota

A stability shoe with added cushion, the Gaviota features the Hoka One One J-Frame, designed for pronators who need support to guide their feet but want a lighter ride.  For one of the lightest, cushioned stability shoes on the market, check out the Hoka One One Arahi!


Hoka One One Speedgoat

Most Hoka One One models comes in both Men's and Women's models.  Equal opportunity to reach the top of your game.

"Pillows with teeth," is Shelburne manager Sean's take on the light and lively Speedgoat, available in Gore-tex and traditional designs.  A crowd pleasing fit and a grippy base make this hiker one for the books - definitely an adventure story with a very happy ending!










Hoka One One Ora Recovery Sandals

When the day is done and it's time to unwind, you won't find a happier place to soothe your feet than the Hoka One One Ora Recovery sandals

Available in slide or thong styles for men and women, they're the perfect post-run, post-yoga or head to the pool summer shoe!



 Hoka One One Happy Customers

We love the diversity of locals who choose Hoka.  Older shoppers, those recovering from foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, and service workers love the brand as much as classic runners do.

Linda, a Danform customer, wore her favorite Hoka One One Bondis exclusively in her battle back to health from hallux rigidus, also known as frozen toe.  Her foot condition was so painful that even a Dansko clog was unwearable.  The Bondi was a lifesaver for her during her recovery.  Her dress-up shoes? The Bondi.  In black, of course.

Dorothy, a local Emergency Room medical professional, is one of many Hoka devotees at our local hospital.  "Nothing beats a Bondi or Clifton when it comes to a shoe that keeps me happy, even on the longest shift."

Ready to step into Hoka One One to see if it's the shoe for you?  You'll find our full collection at our Shelburne, Colchester and St Albans stores, as well as selected styles at our downtown Church street location.  Our Fit Experts are standing by!

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