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Sandals for Bunions - Flatter Your Feet AND Eliminate Pain

Sandals for Bunions - Flatter Your Feet AND Eliminate Pain

Let's face it.  While we all cheer the arrival of summer, some of us find open-toe season stressful.   The Danform Shoes team understands that many customers, often those with bunions, are self-conscious about their feet.  Our deep collection of the best shoes for bunions includes the latest foot-healthy sandals to make your summer wardrobe shine.

Some customers find bunions painful, to others they are simply annoying, but the consensus is clear that it's difficult to find shoes that feel good - and that you love to wear.  Pretty, practical, bunion friendly sandals are in plentiful supply.  You just might need some expert guidance to find them!

Sean, our Shelburne store manager, offers a five point approach when selecting sandals for bunions: Cover, Hide, Hug, Avoid, Accept.


Hide Your Bunions

A sampling of bunion friendly sandals from our Shelburne Road store
 Hug Your Bunions 
Free Your Bunions

Recommended: a little self-love, a little fresh air and a lot of arch support.

While numerous shoe styles can accommodate bunions, Kathy, a Danform veteran, cautions that because the foot is already compromised, arch support is essential.  A wider toe box, leather lining, padded back straps and adjustable straps across the forefoot complete the bunion healthy dream team combination.

Wellness driven styles from Taos, Vionic, Aravon, Aetrex, Birkenstock and Wolky top our recommended brands for relieving foot pain from bunions.



If you have bunions, often accompanied by hammer toe, you may prefer a concealment strategy.  Some sandals for bunions and hammertoes completely cover the bunion, others with thicker leathers might fully hide it.

Taos Gift 2 Sandal for BunionsThe Taos Gift 2 blends orthotic level support with supple leather for a classy, wearable look.  Cover and hide your bunions if that boosts your confidence!



dansko susie bunion concealer
Finding pretty sandals that mask bunions and add height can be a challenge.  The Dansko Susie wedge delivers on both counts.   



Summery floral heels from Rieker feature a softer leather that can be stretched, if needed.


dansko savannah bunion coverage

Neutral and subtly stylish, the Dansko Savannah works with daytime or evening looks.  When you're shopping for dressy sandals for bunions, Dansko can be just what the doctor ordered!




While some bunion sufferers avoid open, strappy styles, Danform Shoes embraces them!  Thanks to stealth design, traditional sandal styles photoshop your bunions with carefully placed lines to hug where you need a hint of coverage while avoiding direct pressure.


Birkenstock Mayari's
criss-cross design subtly cradles your bunions in all the right places.  Its molded cork footbed offer orthotic quality pain relief.




The Aetrex Jillian's leather lined straps soothe your bunion and showcase your summer style.  Note how the Aetrex footbed has cradling contours that the typical flat sandal lacks. 


Yes, "bunion-friendly" evokes images of Your Mother's Shoes but see how the foot-smart Taos Prize 3 transforms when you pair it with a modern twist? 

Practicing Self-Acceptance

One post-pandemic trend we're loving?  Our customers are getting more comfortable in their own skin, making wellness minded decisions....knowing smart choices pay off for lifelong foot health.

Styles like the Dansko Cece and Birkenstock Gizeh might not cover your bunions, but they're just so good for your feet, we can't help but recommend them!


Sometimes a little Creativity is Key

ball and ring stretcher for bunions

For those occasions when fashion trumps our good sense, Danform Shoes Fit Experts can tailor a not exactly bunion-friendly shoe into submission.  Using the ball and ring stretcher, forgiving leathers will loosen.


birkenstock soley for bunions

 Even sandals that aren't the perfect fit for everyday bunion wear can be customized to your foot when our experts dig into their bag of tools.

Bunions don't have to mean foregoing fashion in favor of fit.  In fact, many of our customers come to Danform Shoes on the recommendation of their medical professional because we value wellness - but not at the expense of style.  Whether you are battling a foot condition like plantar fasciitis, recovering from surgery, or simply choosing to proactively care for your feet, we have the largest selection of therapeutic footwear in Vermont.

Stop by any of our 4 Vermont locations to get some advice or shoot us an e-mail.  We love to help!

Special thank you to Sean, Kathy, Tim and Dale from Danform Shoes Shelburne for their expert contributions to this post!


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