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Get To Know the Danform Difference

Get To Know the Danform Difference


Buying shoes is nothing like buying tires. When you need a new set of tires, you figure out the size, traction needs and how much you can spend. Maybe you purchase in-store, maybe online.

But when it comes to deciding what to put on your feet, there are many more variables to consider: activity, style, comfort, brand. And if you’re one of the 70% of Americans that deal with foot pain, there are even more considerations.  

Having someone with knowledge and experience on your side (not to mention thousands of shoe styles in a wide range of sizes from top brands like Birkenstock, Dansko and Blundstone) makes all the difference in getting it right.

At Danform Shoes, we built our business around that philosophy 43 years ago, and we live it every day with every customer. We call it the Danform Difference, and it starts the minute a customer enters one of any one of our four Vermont stores in Burlington, Colchester, Shelburne and St. Albans.


"We're honest with our customers. We want to empower them with knowledge."


Today’s footwear shoppers are flooded with options, including brands and styles that are here today, gone tomorrow. It can be overwhelming. A warm greeting from a Danform staff person helps our customers feel invited into a space where they can explore their options, talk about their needs and work toward finding their ideal shoe.  

danform shoes men's shoes

We like our customers to understand that Danform employees do not receive any sales commission. So their hands-on attentiveness comes from a genuine place of wanting to help, and in many cases, problem-solve. This means not just having a great deal of knowledge about the shoes and how they should fit, but also putting in the effort get to know a customer, even if it’s just a 30-minute visit. 

We work closely with our staff to ensure they are skilled at asking questions and listening attentively to answers before assisting with selections. These questions range from the purpose of the shoe purchase, the kind of work the customer does, if they deal with any foot pain or other issues.

Often, customers come in with very specific needs:

    • “I work long shifts and my feet ache at the end of the day.”
    • “I’m traveling overseas and can only take one pair of shoes.”
    • “I’m recovering from a foot injury but need a shoe that looks nice for an upcoming wedding.” 


All Danform staff are well-versed experts in properly fitting footwear. And because, no two shoes fit the same and no two feet are alike, we take the time to measure our customers’ feet and learn what is special about their footwear needs. 

feet measured at danform shoes

“Danform is one of last true shoe stores to get properly measured and fitted. I am also impressed with the staff’s knowledge about their products.” – Heather N, Danform customer

With selections in-hand (and options within those selections), the Danform staff person takes the time to loosen, put on and lace-up the shoe to ensure proper fit. They also take note to avoid shoes that may be difficult to secure for elderly customers or those with physical challenges.  

Once the shoe is properly secured, it’s time for the customer to take over and assess the feel, the look and the overall experience. As they say, if the shoe fits, wear it. But if it’s not right, we’ll keep working on it together.

“I love Danform because I can count on them to help me find the right size and shape shoe for my feet with my somewhat vague requests. And because they carry the shoes and socks my whole family loves.” – Moira A, Danform customer


Some customers shop with us because they really like the hundreds of brands we carry—a selection we choose carefully to ensure our customers get lasting value. Other customers choose us because they appreciate the overall experience they receive at one or all of our stores. 

danform shoes customers of all agesSometimes one of our fit experts becomes their go-to person for all their footwear advice. Some of those relationships can even become lifelong. 


Whatever the reasons, Danform customers find important value beyond the product and the price tag of the shoes they purchase, particularly if those shoes solve comfort issues and they last and look good for years to come. At Danform, our goal is always to offer “Exceptional service and the brands you love at the right price.”

danform shoes selection and service

Our employees love what they do and it shines through in how they engage with with our customers. Since we began, our goal has been to build a culture that our customers. Since we began, our goal has been to build a culture that ensures the happiness of everyone involved, customers and employees, alike. We couldn’t be prouder of the fact that many of our team members have been with us for over 20 years.

danform shoes shelburne staff


“But sometimes I know exactly what I want and just want to order online without a trip to the store.” We hear you, shopper. That’s why we’ve been steadily expanding our online experience. You can browse a selection of what we have before coming in to experience the Danform Difference yourself.

And have you heard about Danform at Your Door? If you’re in Vermont, you can place an order by phone or online by noon and have your shoes shipped to you the same or next day. Take that, shoe store that rhymes with Flappos.

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