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College Winter Boots Photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash

College students may be notoriously impractical about their footwear, but they often go out of their way to embrace the things that they love (like an old pair of sneakers!). At Danform, parents call us throughout the fall season wondering how to choose the best winter boots for a college student while keeping in mind that an “un-cool” pair of boots has little chance of ever replacing those ratty sneakers. If you are looking for a proven collection of stylish winter boots with options to please every college student, look no further than Danform’s Campus Collection

Stylish Winter bootsFashionable Winter BootsMen's Stylish Winter Boots

Women's Stylish Winter BootsDanform’s compilation of popular college winter boot options, like the Sorel Kinetic in "Caribou Camel Brown," receives more than a passing grade from students across northeastern college campuses. While we maintain a modern inventory of winter boots that always places function over fashion, we also keep a watchful eye on what styles garner the most affection from this season’s quad-stomping crowd. 


Danform’s requirements for adding a particular winter boot model to our Campus Collection isn’t based on an “Exact” science, but it is based on our family’s 40 Years of Experience selling shoes in the northeast. 

First, we begin with how a winter boot should feel—the answer, we think, is “great,” “comfortable,” “warm” and “safe.” In light of these pre-conditions, the boots must also deliver a baseline of traction and insulation to help the wearer effectively traverse whatever cold-weather lays in front of them. Some options are much more practical than others, for example, the Baffin “Wolf” excels as an all-around work boot, but is also a strong choice for helping you survive a new ice age...maybe a touch overkill for hoofing it to the dining hall. At the very least, every winter boot you’ll find at Danform is chosen to provide a basic level of water-resistance to keep feet dry.

Good Traction Winter BootsNon Slip Winter boots

For our fashionable college coeds, Danform features trendy cold-weather boot options from Sorel, as well as practical and affordable snow boots from Baffin.

  1. This season, short ankle booties are popular for fall but will become less practical when the sidewalks are slippery
  2. A rubber wedge winter boot is a stylish option for college students who are navigating northern campuses
  3. Most functional winter boots are low-heeled with a rubber base but designers are adding colorful lacing and textured fabrics and trims in beautiful combinations

Sorel Stylish Winter Boot        Sorel Leather Winter Boot

With major improvements in performance from the standard “Duck Boot,” the Baffin “Chloe” packs in a ton of heat, style and functionality. Baffin boots are known for their extreme warmth and durability in severe conditions, giving this boot a leg up against lesser rivals. The Baffin Chloe comes in four colors with a convenient lacing system that makes these boots easy to take on and off.

Baffin Extreme Cold Winter BootWomen's Winter boots In Snow



Women's Waterproof MUKLUKSFor the free-spirit who knows that “not all who wander are lost,” we recommend the Manitobah Mukluk waterproof leather winter boots. Capable of withstanding 4 inches of water and -32 °F, nothing says “I love you” quite like the Manitobah’s luxurious sheepskin footbed.

Ulu Waterproof Winter BootsBut if you raised more of a puddle-stomper than a wanderer, try the Ulu “Ila” for an unbeatable combination of fashion, traction and warmth.


Need a coat to pair with those new boots? Check out the Pajar "Nikki" to keep you extra warm this winter—it's as top of the line as winter coats get.

Warm Women's Winter Coat



As a general rule, college guys like low key winter boots that can be (but rarely will be) laced up, or opt for an easy pull-on snow boot. A winter Chukka or cold weather Chelsea style is a great choice to keep male undergrads warm, dry and looking sharp.

Classic Waterproof Men's MADSON Winter BootMen's Waterproof Chukka Winter Boot  

For unrivaled durability and convenience go with Blundstone, maker of an all-around fan favorite. If you would like to add a little insurance policy in there, or if a certain student you know likes to spend extra time in the snow, consider a pair of thermal socks, or Lenz Heated Socks for the X-treme adventurer. Every Danform Location sells a wide range of insulated socks to meet every footwear need!

Men's Waterproof Blundstone Boots

Please note that all of the items pictured are available online, but are not in each of our 4 Vermont stores.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you need any help with making your final decision. We're happy to help!


Before the season’s first Nor'easter rips through every college campus from Virginia to Maine, there's still time to ship a pair of hip, functional winter boots direct to the dorm, as a gentle nudge from mom or dad to use common sense before running full throttle across the ice-laden streets to make an 8 AM lab.


  • Wear a solidly made winter boot with durable traction that is intact and designed to be slip-proof
  • Take shorter steps than normal, or shuffle your feet slowly for stability
  • Shift your center of gravity over your feet by walking with a slightly forward-lean, keeping your feet as flat-footed as possible
  • Extend your arms out from your body to help balance, and avoid hands in pockets
  • Learn to take a spill!
    • Avoid bracing yourself with outstretched arms
    • Try to collapse first at the thigh, then the hip and finally the shoulder
    • As your torso goes horizontal, bend your neck in the opposite direction to avoid your head making contact with the ground
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