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Free Shipping over $75!
Work From Home Shoes - Comfort All Day Long!

Work From Home Shoes - Comfort All Day Long!

One great benefit of the shift to work-from-home is the ability to enjoy comfortable footwear ALL DAY long!  Those pointy toes you paired with a clutch Power Point might exude competence but they weren't doing your wellness any favors.  Along with a power stance came the side benefit of aching feet, tired knees and a sore back.

Enter one global  pandemic, a multitude of work-from-home mandates and the latest trend is a newfound affinity for comfort.  No more heels, pointed toe boxes, or compromised feet.  We would gladly forego 2020's events, but with a focus on wellness, the comfort mindset aligns with Danform Shoes' mission to spread the word that comfortable shoes should be part of every day, not just weekends!

Danform Shoes has always been stocked with foot healthy features like a wide toe box and supportive footbeds to cradle your foot.

Have you ever tried on a pair of Haflinger clogs, Birkenstock clogs, or Asportuguesas? Besides the array of colors and patterns we offer, these shoes are examples of comfort and ease.

Halfinger has a supportive cork footbed, a wool-felt upper, is easy to slip on and off (no laces, buckles or straps) and the rubber sole is great for the occasional trip to the store or post office.  Customers with plantar fasciitis loves its supportive pain relief.

We highly recommend working by a fire pit whenever possible.

Similarly, Birkenstock’s Buckley (pictured)  is great for more narrow feet, and the Boston model (linked online) has ample room with a wider toe box: great for fluffy socks :).


Asportuguesas (currently sold in store only) have a fun and unique look to them - with a lightweight, sustainably harvested cork sole. What does that mean? No cork oak trees are cut down to harvest the bark!  


If you prefer a more rugged shoe option, don’t forget about Blundstone boots, great for kicking around town, working outside, or diving into algorithms at your stand-up desk.


And of course, Dansko has plenty of easy and comfortable options, including lifestyle sneakers like the Dansko Paisley (pictured) or the  “Harlie” or  “Honor”, which tighten using a toggle instead of tie laces. 

Dansko Portland

Who among us hasn't enjoyed the guilty pleasure of a day deep in email and pajamas?  The perfect accessory? A sumptuous pair of slippers!  (This model from UGG is sold in-store only.) Cost per wear, Ben from accounting will approve this purchase!

Ugg Slippers

Stop in today to find a “work-from-home” shoe that works for you.   Browsing online is fun - but your feet will thank you for taking the time for a personal fitting under the watchful eyes of our fit experts.   With thousands of shoes in stock right here, stop in to experience the Danform Difference!

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