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Free Shipping Over $75!

Meet Shelburne

📺 I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld and quote the show at least once a day.  

✈️ My first trip on a plane was to London when I was 19 with 3 friends.  We stayed in hostels, toured the city and had a blast!

🍪 Some of my favorite pastimes are baking, crocheting and watching old movies on TCM.

👡💍 My first retail job was in the women's shoe department at Filene's 23 years ago.  It's also where I met my husband.💙

Q + A

What is your footwear superpower?
Finding the perfect pair where fashion meets function - Taos, Dansko and Rieker are some of my favorites!
What is your favorite Vermonty thing to do?
Taking the scenic route to Cold Hollow Cider with the hubbby for lunch and a cider flight!
What is your favorite quote?
"It is never wrong to do the right thing." - Mark Twain
What is your favorite restaurant?
Backyard Bistro in Charlotte.  (Their Bolognese is amazing!)