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Free Shipping Over $75!


Biomechanics are the Key to Vionic's Comfort

Biomechanics is a fancy way of saying the science of how we move.  Experts in foot and body movement took their studies and created Vio~Motion Support. Inside each Vionic shoe is an innovative piece of bio-mechanical technology that provides the cushion, support and stabilizing structure to foster healthy feet.You can trust Vionic to hug your arches like a natural footprint leading you to better foot health.


Vionic VioMotion Support

  • Full contact support hugs your curves
  • Ball of foot cushioning for all day comfort
  • Heel seat stabilizes and repositions foot
  • Deep heel cup provides essential stability
  • Contoured orthotic footbed for addictive support

Vionic Shoes Help Heal Plantar Fasciitis

Perhaps the most common foot ailment we see at Danform Shoes is plantar fasciitis, a painful heel condition that is exacerbated by wearing shoes without proper support.  Vionic Shoes are a first line of defense in keep plantar fasciitis at bay and a well trusted solution in reducing and removing the associated pain.  Our sales staff can recommend a summer sandal or office pump or sneaker perfectly crafted to heal your ailing feet and steal some admiring glances.  Just stepping into a pair of Vionics, your feet will be aligned, your arches supported and your mind will start to relax feeling that pain start to slip away.  

Study Reports Vionic Contoured Sandals Offer Pain Relief

A peer reviewed study commissioned by Vionic demonstrated that Vionic contoured sandals contribute to reduced pain in 68% of patients when compared to those wearing flat flip flops.  The study also showed that the contoured sandals brought about the same amount of relief as using an orthotic.  That's welcome news for plantar fasciitis patients whose first line of defense is selecting shoes that can accommodate a custom orthotic.  Though the relief orthotics bring is essential, it limits choices for summer footwear.  If you suffer from heel pain but do not want to forego sandals in warm weather, Vionic contoured sandals open up a new range of styles.

Vionic is APMA Accepted - Trusted by Podiatric Specialists

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the leading resource for foot health information.  Many of our Vionic shoes carry the APMA seal of acceptance which certifies that they are beneficial in promoting foot health.  If you are recovering from a foot condition, shopping for APMA accepted shoes is an important part of your recovery.

Vionic is an Investment for a Lifetime of Healthy feet

Vionic is a firm believer that supportive shoes do not have to compromise on style.  Footwear can have a healthy arch support and still look beautiful.  Flip flops and skinny heels are fun to wear, but their lack of support leads to foot issues.  The damage is in the works long before you feel any pain.  Healthy feet are key to staying active and living your best life.  An investment in Vionic shoes is one easy way to stay on the path to lifelong wellness.