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Cold hands?   You know who you are.  Some of us run cold because we were born that way, some of us have aged into frosty fingertips.  Truth is for hunters, skiers, diabetics, or folks with Raynaud's syndrome, everyday gloves might not keep your hands warm.  Spending time outdoors comes with a painful price.  What's the solution if your hands are always cold?

All day heat is a push of a button away!  Seirus heated mittens feature 3 heat settings for your personal preference.  Heat panels disperse the warmth throughout your hand, not just in one area as in a hand warmer.   Lightweight and comfortable, the battery tucks into a waterproof pouch.  Warmth on command at your fingertips!

Sold Online Only!  This model is not currently available in our stores. 

Model: 1084.1


  • New 3000 Ultra Battery.
  • Flexible Fusion™ Panels for All Over Warmth
  • Waterproof Zipper Pocket
  • One-handed wrist & cuff cinch.
  • Batteries & Charger included!
  • INSULATION: 280g HeatLock™
  • INSERT: DryHand™ Windproof/Waterproof/Breathable
  • SHELL: Premium Leather/Softshell
  • PALM: ToughTek with Soundtouch™
  • Three Settings. Thin Battery. Hours of Heat.
  • Green - Low 12+ hours
  • Yellow - Medium 8+ hours
  • Red - High 4+ hours
  • The exclusive Flexible Fusion™ heat panel provides warmth to the entire glove back and wraps around to the fingers. Just push the button and BE WARM...ALWAYS.