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Sweet home Alabama! Introducing Wolky's cutting-edge loafer, crafted using their patent Fit to Feet technique, a harmonious fusion of supple stretch fabric and premium leather. This innovation guarantees that the loafer gracefully adapts to your foot's unique contours, ensuring a tailor-made fit. It's a game-changer, especially for women dealing with hallux valgus concerns. Embrace a confident stride with the 2-centimeter heel, thoughtfully designed to effortlessly promote proper posture. Whether conquering your workday or enjoying personal adventures, this loafer delivers unparalleled comfort and style. Unveil a world of versatility as these loafers seamlessly complement your outfit choices, from professional ensembles to casual chic attire. Your feet are in for a treat, and you'll thank yourself for making this stylish and comfortable choice.

Model: 07760 80-000


  • Supple stretch fabric and premium leather upper
  • Bunion friendly desgin
  • Heel height: 3/4 in