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Best Shoes for Walking - Healthy Steps for Healthy Living

Best Shoes for Walking - Healthy Steps for Healthy Living

Need advice on the best shoes for walking? Our Danform fit experts are here for you!  We love talking shoes - whether you are starting a new exercise routine, are a seasoned power walker or need help alleviating pain, we're here for you.  So many of our customers find the heart boosting and spirit lifting benefits are an integral part of their wellness.

Ready. Set. Go - let's learn how Danform Shoes can help you find your perfect pair of walking shoes.

TIP: You can walk in running shoes but you shouldn't run in walking shoes.  If you already own a pair of running shoes, you're off and..walking!

How Do I Choose My Walking Shoes

Sean, our Shelburne Store fit expert, recommends running shoes for any walker.  "The comfort and protection you find in running shoes makes them hard to beat." 

If walking is part of your fitness routine, shoes from our Power Walking Collection provide the protection you need for your feet and joints.   (All of these models are supportive running shoes as well.)

For the light walker who prefers a lower profile shoe and is covering less distance, check out our Casual Walking Collection.  The Casual Walking collection provides more support than a tennis shoe but is slimmer than a running shoe. A flat little canvas sneaker is adorable for running errands but might lead to foot pain if worn as your go-to walking shoe.



Danform's Personalized Walking Shoe Analysis

Years of matching customers with their walking and running shoes means that our fit experts know how to match your foot to its perfect pair. Nothing compares to the classic "sit and fit" analysis, but ponder the self-assessment below then contact us with your follow up questions or stop in for your personal consultation!

Your Walking Routine

  • Are you an avid walker or are you starting a new routine?
  • How many miles do you plan to walk?
  • How fast or how aggressive a pace will you set?  The faster you walk, the more cushion you need.

Your Foot Stride

  • Is your stride neutral, pronated or supinated?
  • Pronation causes the foot to roll inward and may be associated with flat feet or low arches.
  • A Neutral stride is balanced and centered.
  • Supination causes the foot to roll outward and is sometimes seen with a high arch.


Some clues to your stride?

  • Looking at the wear on the sole of your shoe may provides clues to your stride.  If the inner edge of your sole shows extra wear, you may be pronated, for example.
  • Ask a housemate to watch you walk barefoot, noticing if your foot moves inward, outward or stays steady as it rolls from heel to toe.
  • Even better, take a video as you walk, (all angles, barefoot and pants rolled up is best) and send it our way.  We're happy to provide a remote analysis!

Your Foot Health

  • Anyone who pronates/supinates OR has a history of foot pain (plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, hallux limitus or rigidus to name a few)  may benefit from a Superfeet orthoticOrthotics add another layer of protection, keeping your feet healthy, keeping you on the go.

    Drum Roll Please....

    Once we know your foot stride and walking goals, it's a "click and fit" to your best walking shoes!  

    Our Neutral Shoes match up perfectly for walkers who have a natural healthy foot alignment.  Within each category, you'll find different levels of cushioning.  From the ultimate cushion of the Hoka One One Bondi to the lively feel of the Brooks Glycerin, we can match you to the shoe that will keep you healthy at home! 

    Walkers who pronate benefit from a Stability Shoe that helps adjust the foot into a neutral stride.  The inside technology, often called posting, keeps the foot properly aligned while running.  Motion Control walking shoes like the Brooks Addiction are for people with severe pronation who need even more controlled support.

    Visit our Running Stride Guide to match your stride to our shoe collection!

    The Bottom Line - Danform Shoes is Here for You

    Choosing the most comfortable, foot healthy walking and running shoe requires a lot of know-how.  If stability vs neutral vs distance is making your head spin, that's one problem Danform Shoes can solve.  Take the time to get advice before you invest in a new pair of walking shoes.  Reach out because we're here for you!

    *If you are experiencing foot pain, it's always best to see a medical professional for a formal evaluation.  Learn more about our DanformRx program which works in conjunction with our local physical therapists.




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