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Shelter Safe Tips - Dedicated Outdoor Shoes

Shelter Safe Tips - Dedicated Outdoor Shoes

We've all got the message to wash our hands and stop touching our faces; habits we'll carry with us long after the COVID19 scare ends.  But, how do shoes play into sheltering at home?

TIP:  Don't overlook your shoes and the trail that follows you into your home.

 It's smart to designate shoes for either indoor or outdoor wear.  A dedicated pair of outdoor shoes keeps germs outside.

Build A Routine:

  • Pick one pair of shoes for running essential errands or going to work if you are on the front lines.  A slip-on style is the perfect pair!
  • Find a spot for your outdoor shoes - the front step if it's covered or a doormat by your entry.
  • Building a new habit takes time.  It helps to post reminders for family members, especially the younger ones.
  • Be patient.  You may not catch yourself each time. The more you do, the safer your home.
  • It never hurts to disinfect your footwear, especially if you have extra time at home.

Every small step to limit exposure makes our community safer.  When we protect ourselves, we protect the health care workers, the grocery staff,  the auto-immune compromised.  Please do your part.  We're all in this together.

Don't have a pair of shoes to designate as your outdoor shoes?

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