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Danform Staff Picks for Plantar Faciitis and Foot Pain Relief

Danform Staff Picks for Plantar Faciitis and Foot Pain Relief- Fall Edition

The agony of foot pain.  It's a problem we discuss everyday with our Danform customers. While we always recommend working with a medical professional to treat foot issues, we also know that footwear is an essential component to heal and, ideally, prevent foot pain
We asked our Experts for their top Fall picks to support and soothe your feet.   We think you'll love their list of fashionable, functional footwear that hits the mark for exceptional fit.

Fashionable and Foot-Healthy Shoes

dansko pain relief plantar fasciitis

 Penny, the anchor of our St Albans store, is a Dansko devotee.  Cute boots from Dansko like the Makara and the Daisie provide ergonomic support when you need to look polished, but you don't want to be in pain!

wolky alabama bunion friendly loafer


Robin is a seriously fun to shop with and a serious fan of the Wolky Alabama, a bunion friendly loafer made of buttery leather.  Foot-healthy fashion is a key component in Danform's collection. We search all year long to bring you shoes that combine the latest looks with wellness packed features. 

taos crave foot pain relief 

Deidre has lots of Taos styles in her own closet so it's not surprising she touts the Crave as one of her top picks for foot pain relief. Plus as Vermonters we can't help but gush over its winter-ready traction!

taos sneakers plantar fasciitis relief

Tamie loves Taos too!  You can't beat these cute little canvas sneakers packed with foot cradling support.  You can find Tamie's smiling self at our Colchester location where she is working on her doctorate in retail therapy. 

Athletic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery and Prevention


The newest addition to our Shelburne staff, Angie will go the distance to find the perfect shoe for you!  Angie loves fitting her customers into Dansko's Paisley.  So many of our locals walk on the daily for fitness and wellness. We love to fit you into shoes that will prevent overuse injuries and keep you motivated!

hoka plantar fasciitis pain relief

Mandy, a fun and fashionable Fit Expert from our Church Street location, is a HOKA super fan.  Indeed this cushioned brand can be the magic bullet for foot pain relief.  The HOKA lineup has nursed many aching joints back to the activities they love.

danform shoes topo athletics pain relief

Sean, the ever entertaining manager from our Shelburne store, loves the tag-team combo of the new Cadence insole paired with a TOPO athletic Terraventure 4 trail runner.  The top of the line TOPO fit is a treat for your feet anytime, anywhere.

Keen shoes for plantar fasciitis recovery danform shoes

Yes, David is a natural born shoe fitter!  Clearly, our most flexible Fit Expert, David is legendary not only for his remarkable ability to hold this pose endlessly, but also for his keen ability to find the best shoes for our customers.  Keen has the fit formula that solves foot pain for a segment of Danform locals.  Plus, its good looking boots can be worn office casual to active lifestyle.

Men's Footwear with Stylish Support

ecco footwear plantar fasciitis pain relief

Somewhere between dressy and sporty, you'll find Dom's recommendation, the Ecco Track 25, in both high and low models. It brings us joy to see the expanding selection of healthy shoes that are uncompromisingly hip.  Dom grew up in the shoe biz and has shoe wisdom beyond his years!

Rob knows that fitting his customers to the correct shoe takes trial and error so he has a deep trove of go-to shoes for pain relief.  It might be anywhere from a TOPO hiker to a Birkenstock sneaker before the "Goldilocks just right moment" occurs.  Legendary for his patience and creativity, Rob has legions of devoted locals.

Winter Boots with Arch Support

bogs arcata winter boot with arch support

Winter boots with arch support can be as hard to find as a sunny day in January, but Penny's pick, the Bogs Arcata, has a soothing footbed and plenty of winter grip!  Venturing out for a day of winter fun doesn't mean having to compromise your recovery.

Recover While Relaxing


Heather may be camera shy, but her customer service and foot know-how have earned her a loyal fan following at our Church Street store.  Heather recommends Haflinger wool clogs, a house shoe with incredible healing powers that you can wear all day long!

Our mission is to stock our stores with brands we consider to be game changers for your foot health!  Blundstone (when we add a footbed), Birkenstock and Florsheim are just three other top picks that might be the solution to your foot pain.  
One thing we do know, working with a Danform Fit Expert is an essential step when you aim to be active for life!
Stop into any of our 4 locations to put your best foot forward!
Would you like to learn more about Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain?  Check out our annual Fall Guide to Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and our Spring Guide to Choosing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis!



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