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Fall and Winter Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery

Fall and Winter Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery

If there is one lament Danform Shoes hears most often, it's the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis can be excruciating; if you haven't felt the nagging ache in your heel or the sharp stab with each step, consider yourself lucky and keep buying healthy footwear!

When you come to Danform Shoes with a plantar fasciitis diagnosis, rest assured our fit experts will give you a sympathetic ear and happily guide you through the footwear to support your feet through recovery.  It won't happen overnight, but keeping your foot cradled in supportive footwear speeds you back to a pain-free day on your feet.

plantar fasciitis danform shoes

Danform carries arch supportive styles from sneakers to fashionable booties.

Luckily, healthy footwear is what Danform Shoes does!  You will find thousands of fall and winter shoes on hand for every activity or style, for men, for women, for younger athletes to retired seniors.  Your friends have your back.  We've got your arch!

FIT TIP: Wearing the correct shoes is part of recovery; we are strong believers that receiving an accurate diagnosis by a trained medical professional is the best path to wellness.  Danform Shoes works in tandem with local physical therapists and podiatrists who often send patients to us with a prescription for orthotics or suggested footwear.


Those Everyday Shoes You Wear Over and Over

Birkenstock's cork footbed is legendary for its healing comfort.  Comfort happens when your foot is cradled in all the right places keeping it ergonomically correct.  

birkenstock boston plantar fasciitis relief


Slip on styles like the Boston and Buckley are on-trend, easy to wear and lay a healthy foundation to support you all day long.  The subtle benefits to your joints and posture lead to overall wellness.  Don't we all strive to be active for a lifetime?  It all begins at the tips of your toes!


Pairing Socks and Stocks with your favorite Birkenstock Arizona is another popular fall Plantar Fasciitis pairing!

Dress to Impress - Without Pain

Many women come to us concerned that a women's dress shoe for plantar fasciitis might be impossible to find.

taos crave plantar fasciitis relief

Hands down house favorite, the Taos Crave can bring a customer to tears of joy with its healing powers.  Catie, a physical therapist who suddenly developed Plantar Fasciitis, was impressed by the Crave's super cute style and its unbelievable comfort.  It was just the hug her aching feet needed to make it through her shifts.  Available in neutrals to bold reds and plaids, the Taos Crave is a gift for your feet - either on the road to recovery or proactively to keep your body healthy from the feet up!

dansko plantar fasciitis pain recovery

For a lower heel with support and polish, we carry many Dansko models like the Beatrice that carry the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of acceptance.

Clocking Your Time or Clocking In For Your Shift

Talk to a Physical Therapist about running with Plantar Fasciitis and you'll hear the words Hoka One One Bondi.  Not just for runners anymore, the Bondi is often part of Plantar Fasciitis recovery for medical workers, restaurant staff, hair stylists and teachers.  When your shift is long, the Bondi keeps you strong.  Until you have pain under control, an athletic shoe may be your best work shoe for plantar fasciitis.

 In-stock Bondi color varies by season.

Hiking Boots to Wear Trail and Town

Everything that makes a hiking boot good for an active day on your feet also makes it a great choice for your everyday footwear.  We see so many customers pulling double duty with hikers that fit the bill for office casual.  Athleisure has turned sport style into everyday style making the hiking boot an appropriate look at a client meeting or a fireside meetup with friends.  

Oboz, a little known brand with the best fit on the market introduced the Bozemen this fall, a waterproof urban hiker for men and women.  

The Oboz waterproof hiking boots can be worn for just about any outdoor  weather activity, have a mountain flair and provide orthortc quality support.  Phyllis, a loyal local recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, recently added the women's Oboz Sawtooth II to her winter quiver.  "I love to walk my dog and I know that making smart choices in footwear will keep me on my game."  Wise words!  

Snappy Sneakers for the Win

If your style is more about athleisure - and whose isn't now that sneaker style is the hottest trend -  then you'll want to explore our favorite athletic casuals from Taos.  A match for men and women of any age, any style.

Never Go Barefoot - Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery

One rule to live by - never go barefoot, even around the house, and always choose footwear that supports your arch.  Everytime you allow your foot to take a step without arch support, you invite a flare up.  Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis from Taos and Haflinger are just the happy home your foot needs on a chilly winter day.

The Taos Convertawool is a house (or patio or mailbox) shoe with incredible arch support.  The slip-on design with an elevated back feels cozy and secure.  Its rubber bottom also makes it the perfect indoor/outdoor wool clog.
taos slippers for plantar fasciitis recovery

Orthotics Help to Heal that Heel

Our FIT EXPERTS believe that you don't have to buy new shoes or spend a lot of money to combat Plantar Fasciitis.  Purchasing a quality orthotic like Superfeet can turn your tried and true favorite shoe into a foot healthy option.  If orthotics are new to you, read our blog post to learn how orthotics can improve your foot health!

Orthotics + Blundstone is a best selling Vermonty combination.  Is there anywhere that it's not appropriate to wear a Blundstone?  The Blundstone option is a great work or dress shoe for men with plantar issues.

Orthotics can also solve another common quandary for Vermonters with Plantar Fasciitis.  What to wear for a true snow boot?  Any snow boot that has a removable footbed can be transformed into a warm, dry and arch supportive cold weather boot.

 Add a  Superfeet orthotic to a pair of Uggs and you have a warm, foot-healthy winter boot.

 Once you've had Plantar Fasciitis, your foot is forever vulnerable to it.  Choosing shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery is all about fit.  Our fit experts have seen feet in every shape imaginable - we measure and size up your foot, assessing which shoes match up to your profile.  Tell us what you want and we'll reach into our stockroom of tricks to pull out your perfect pair!  


We know shoppers are drawn to shop online because of the vast selection.  Our customers are surprised when we're able to run to our back room and bring exactly the size and style they want.  We have a collection to rival even Zappos, plus we price match should you find a better price online.  If you need to make a return?  No problem!  Take your shoes home, see how they feel in the comfort of your own home and bring them back if they're not just right.

When you stop into Danform Shoes to shop local, that means everything to us.  We are committed to providing the Danform Difference - personalized attention to make sure you find your perfect fit.  Stop into any of our 4 Vermont locations or send an email to get expert advice from our team.  We can't wait to meet you! 

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