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Free Shipping Over $75!
Shoe Solutions for Hard to Fit Feet

Measuring Your Feet Is the First Step to Lifelong Wellness

Buying shoes seems like a simple process that shouldn't require professional advice, BUT, when you stop to consider the time spent making online returns and the shoes purchased that never fit quite right, an in-person fitting begins to make sense (and cents!)

Danform Shoes Fit Experts offer free, personalized fittings every day at each of our 4 locations We'll measure  your feet, evaluate your foot and arch features as well watching you walk to analyze your gait.

Based on the results, we'll suggest footwear choices to match your foot to the correct shoe for everything you do, whether that is for work or play, dress or casual wear.

danform shoes personalized fitting

The truth is no two feet, not even the two that belong to you, are exactly alike. Some resemble chubby bear paws, others look like sinewy bird claws.  Pair that with the fact that every shoe fits a bit differently and you'll begin to see why Danform Shoes Fit Experts believe in the "sit and fit."

We believe in the Danform Difference, spending time to educate our customers about the importance of a proper shoe fit to their lifelong wellness.  We don't want to make a sale, we want to make a customer for life!

Why get your feet measured?

Unlike other fashion statements, footwear choices impact wellness.  Poor fitting shoes can create long-term damage. 

The "sit and fit" begins with your Fit Expert using the brannock device to measure your feet.  This trusty tool isn't a throwback antique.  It's the of modern day shoe shopping! Your shoe fitting matchmaker uses the Brannock device to calculate your foot's length, width and arch length.  This complimentary personalized foot analysis  helps our experts narrow down the thousands of shoes on hand to match your wish list.

Shoe Fitters like us find feet fascinating.

 Let's take a quick review of shoe shop terminology!

Foot Length 

Simply, the length of your foot from heel to toe.


The distance from one side of your foot to the other. Feet are categorized as narrow, medium and wide.  A women's average width is "B" whereas a men's average width is "D."  There are width sizes ranging from AAA to 19E!  

It's true that there are fewer styles for narrow and wide widths, but Danform Shoes has options on hand.  It's not uncommon for our customers to experience that "AHA" moment when they slip on their first pair of wide width shoes.


- A customer who took a step in the right direction

Arch Length 

Most of us outside the shoe world have never heard of it, but arch length is the distance from the back of the heel to the foot's flex point at the toe knuckle joint. This determines where your foot bends.  Toe length also impacts arch length because flex points vary dependent on the your toe length.

An in-person fitting for personalized solutions

With the brannock measurements in hand, our Fit Experts take a visual assessment of your foot's instep, arch and volume and then evaluate your gait by watching you walk.  


Instep is the top, bony part of your foot.  People with a high instep, often feel like they can't get their foot into boots or clogs or get their heel in place.  People with a low instep often find shoes feel loose or sloppy.


Arches are like shocks in a car, helping to absorb impact when you walk.  Some people are born with flat feet with very little arch, others have a higher arch, others are right in-between.  Your arch shape may make you susceptible to plantar fasciitis or other painful foot conditions.  Knowing your arch shape helps your Fit Expert choose footwear to optimize your foot health and comfort.


We mentioned earlier the bear paw vs bird claw analogy.  A rounder bear paw foot requires a different shoe than a skinny bird claw type.  With years of shoe fitting experience, our Fit Experts comb through their internal footwear rolodex to match your foot's volume to the best shoe for you.  We know, for instance, that a Keen sandal may match up nicely to a fuller foot whereas a Merrell style pairs with a thinner foot.

Gait Analysis

Our Fit Experts watch you walk to learn if you have a neutral gait or if you walk on the inside or outside or your foot, technically called pronation.  People who pronate benefit from specific running shoe styles or orthotics to guide their foot into a healthier gait. 

Let Danform Shoes Get You Started on the Right Foot

When you wear shoes that fit well, the benefits reach from your toes upward, creating proper alignment and reducing pain if you're dealing with injury. Taking the time for a professional fitting and investing in quality footwear will set you on the path to be active for life. The Super Seniors we see in our stores every day are walking proof that investing in your feet pays off!

well fitting shoes keep you active for life

Pop quiz: the crane's thin foot is a measure of which foot feature?
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If you're ready to find your perfect pair, stop in to any of our 4 locations for your personalized fitting.  Our friendly Fit Experts are standing by to welcome you!
🦉 Answer is: Volume.🦉 
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