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Protecting Your High School Athlete from Overuse

Protecting Your High School Athlete

Because of today's intense youth sports programs, young athletes are vulnerable to injuries caused by repetitive motion and strain.

Travel teams and year round sports are positive in so many ways,  but there is no denying the toll they take on developing young bodies.  If your child complains of pain, it's important to be evaluated by a medical professional before a more serious injury develops.

Fit Tip:  Many high school athletes are referred to us with prescriptions from their physical therapist to be fit with orthotics like Superfeet footbeds.

Sport specific shoes, like soccer cleats or golf shoes, don't always include top-level support.  Even expensive basketball shoes won't provide all the necessary support.

Orthotics help athletes by correctly aligning the body, encouraging proper bio-mechanics from your toes up.  Laying the correct foundation aids the knees, hips and back into proper motion as well.

Parenting today is a balancing act - teaching youngsters to listen to their bodies and take smart precautions makes for a happy season on the field rather than on the sidelines!

Connor has been working with Rob at our Colchester store since he was a toddler!   Orthotics help to correct Connor's gait and keep him active.

Recovery shoes and sandals provide another layer of protection.  In addition to being on-trend, sandals like the Birkenstock Arizona EVA Essential support the foot as it recovers from post-game or practice workout!

post game recovery shoes for high school athletes


We believe every step your child takes in supportive footwear - rather than dollar store deals - builds healthy joints for lifelong wellness.  Stop in at any of our 4 locations to learn more tips from our  FIT EXPERTS!




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